So, today on my morning commute to work, I tuned in to the Elvis Duran And The Morning Show. Those of you who are regular listeners will already know that one of the show’s lovely hosts, Carolina, is about to tie the knot. In preparation, this week they are talking about all things wedding. Today they got on the subject of wedding guest attire. Ladies were calling in from all over expressing their feelings that they needed to buy and a wear a new dress for each wedding they attended. Some expressed that this was out of some form of respect for the event while others sited social media like Facebook for the problem saying such web sites made us all celebrities unable to wear the same dress twice.

While some women seemed to be ok with rocking their formal wear twice, especially if they weren’t going to be in front of the same crowd, others thought the idea seemed just ghastly. Others admitted the pure fun nature of buying and preparing a new outfit for every celebration.

So what does the daily sprinkle have to say about this topic du jour? While every fashionista has her moments where she is tempted to spend instead of style, any ditz with a credit card can charge up mountains of debt trying to look fresh and new for every occasion (no style or fashion sense necessary). A true stylist is often tempted of course but uses this temptation for inspiration to restyle pieces already in her wardrobe arsenal.

Sorry Carolina and Danielle, I love ya but I have to disagree, you do not need a new dress for every occasion. Instead try styling and wearing your pieces differently. Also, try separates such as skirts and blouses or tanks instead of dresses to increase your styling options. You can experiment with tights, shoes, shawls, cardigans, jewelry, handbags, hairstyles and more. You’ll find accessories really are a girls best friend and sometimes it is more fun to spend a few bucks to get some accessories to style what you have that is already in your closet. Plus then you can spend your hard earned cash on something you’ll wear more than once like perhaps that really cute new Coach bag?

black shift dressTry a classic like a black shift dress. It is a great base and will take you from season to season as well as year to year. I recently wore mine to my boyfriends graduation with some turquoise beads and patent nude pumps.