Ok so not only is this my first video it is my first Influenster Vox Box, so without further ado…


just ordered our Naked 2 palette from @UrbanDecay411 – so excited! can’t wait for it to come- expect review soon!

sometimes I just need more hours in a day and an endless supply of energy

curious for a review of the @NyxCosmetics Butt Naked Palette – we may just have to buy one and review it ourselves!

praying for Virginia Tech @collegiatetimes #fb

all we want for Christmas is the @urbandecay411 Naked 2 palette in our stocking!

i’m thinking i need an excuse to get dressed up and perhaps make a few additions to my closet #whodoesn’t?

what to get my Dad for xmas? always a dilemma he isn’t a tool, hunting, camping, grilling, sports guy #lost #help

RT @nordstrom_rack: Did You Know: Nordstrom Rack receipts now have $5 off your next in-store purchase of $50 or more!

i don’t understand the appeal of chocolate diamonds. i’ll take my chocolate and diamonds separate thanks